The value we offer extends far beyond the solution we sell.

A snapshot of Xpanse:

  • 50+ petabytes of storage provided to our customers.
  • WA’s only NetApp Star Partner
  • 151 customers globally
  • Supplier to Fortune 500 companies
  • Average customer relationship is 10 years

Latest News

Data Management – Preparing & Surviving Digital Transformation

Xpanse would like to invite you to an exclusive CXO breakfast update with Matt Swinbourne from NetApp on Friday the 9th June.

In the last 15 years 52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. In 1955 the average lifespan of a company was 75 years, now in 2017 its 15 years. No corner of the enterprise is immune from the effects of Digital Transformation. As the availability of near infinite technology resources from the cloud drive the rate of innovation at an unprecedented rate, how are you preparing your organisation to transform? In this session we will explore the foundational, cultural and technological changes required to prepare your organisation for the Digital Era.

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